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3rd International Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychology Congress

Remaining time to
BCEPK 2023 congress

BCEPK 2023 congress has been ended. Thank you to all the participants.

3rd International Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychology Congress

Dear Colleagues,

Our first two congresses, in 2020 and 2021, were held online with 45 speakers from 10 different countries, in cooperation with Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul Rumeli University and Child Family Development and Education Foundation (ÇAGEV), with the topics "Families in Clinical Studies" and "Trauma".

The focus of this year's congress, which we have carefully prepared on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of our Republic, will be "Destructiveness". We aim to think, talk and share researches about destructiveness in sub-titles such as dealing with destructiveness in depth in psychotherapy approaches, preventive studies (early childhood and school) in children and adolescents with destructive behaviors, self-destructiveness, the effect of the digital world, psychoeducational processes and the transformative effect of group therapies.

The 3rd Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychology Congress will be held online (Zoom) in November 3rd-5th 2023.
The languages of the congress are Turkish and English, and Turkish translation will be provided for foreign speakers.

We invite you, our esteemed colleagues, to our congress to think, understand and transform the issue of "Destructiveness", which originates from our most basic impulses and confronts us in many areas of life.

On behalf of the congress organizing committee,

Faculty of Medicine

İstanbul Rumeli

Child Family
Development and
Education Foundation

Congress Heading



Processing destructiveness in schools of psychotherapy

Pharmacological solutions in destructiveness

The neuropsychological approach to destructiveness

Preventive interventions against destructiveness in early childhood

The impact of the digital world on destructiveness


Anti-destructive studies in schools

Examples of psychoeducation against destructiveness

The transformative effect of group therapies on social destructiveness


General Chair

Doç. Dr. Elif Erol

General Co-Chair

Prof. Dr. Burak Doğangün

Regulatory Committee

  • Elif Erol
  • Burak Doğangün
  • Özge Buran Köse
  • Dilan Diş
  • Aylin Fornix
  • Damla Büyük

Scientific Committee

  • Ayten Zara, Bilgi University
  • Bengi Pirim Düşgör, İstanbul University
  • Bianca Lechevalier, Caen University
  • Bülent Madi, Altis Consultancy
  • Burak Doğangün, Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine
  • Burçin Uçaner Çifdalöz, Hacı Bayram Veli University
  • Ceylan Daş, İstanbul Rumeli University
  • Dyala Castro Cabezas, Psychology and Holistic Development Center
  • Elizabeth Steed, University of Colorado
  • Emre Konuk, EMDR Association
  • Galina Shamonina, Varna Free University
  • Hans Koot, Vrije University
  • İbrahim Diken, Anadolu University
  • İrem Erdem Atak, Istanbul Psychoanalysis Association
  • Jeanne Magagna, Tavistock Clinic
  • Katherine McCarthy, The Trauma Center of JRI
  • Krasimir Ivanov, Varna Free University
  • Mesut Yavuz, Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine
  • Michi Gurion, Tavistock Clinic
  • Neslihan Zabcı, Yeditepe University
  • Ofeliya Kaneva, Varna Free University
  • Özgür Salur, Özyeğin University
  • Rumen Stamatov, Varna Free University
  • Salih Gülbay, Project IN
  • Tevfika İkiz Tunaboylu, İstanbul University
  • Theano Kokkinaki, Crete University
  • Ümran Korkmazlar, İstanbul University (Retired)

Awards & Formats

The best project and the best verbal or poster presentation will be awarded by the Child Family Development and Education Foundation in order to support the studies carried out in the field of infants, children, adolescents and their families. Projects and presentations will be evaluated by the jury and the best research paper will be determined. The first author of the best research paper and the best project which will be determined by the selection committee will be awarded with the award certificate and 1500 TL money prize.


SUBMIT PAPER Verbal or poster presentations submitted in accordance with the terms of participation in the congress will be evaluated by the selection committee and…


The best project will be awarded to support the studies carried out in the field of infants, children, adolescents and their families by the Child…

BCEPK User Manual

Dear participants,

Our congress will be held online through the Zoom program.

Before the speeches begin, an online invitation link will be sent to the registered e-mail addresses of everyone participating in the congress and the necessary support will be provided by our technical team.

You can reach us at for any questions you have.