The best project will be awarded to support the studies carried out in the field of infants, children, adolescents and their families by the Child Family Development and Education Foundation (ÇAGEV).

Terms of application:

  1. The applicant researchers should be members of the foundation
  2. Any award from another institution with the same project should not be received

Applicants should accept in advance,

  1. To submit the interim reports of the project to the Child Family Development and Education Foundation (ÇAGEV) in every 6 months from the start date of the project,
  2. To submit a research article which is the product of the project to a national or international journal, when the project is completed.

The projects should be sent to by e-mail before deadline (1st of June 2020, 11.59 p.m.)
The best project will be awarded by the Child Family Development and Education Foundation with an “award certificate” and a research prize of 1500 TL at the 1st International Infant Child and Adolescent Psychology Congress.

Project Format

The application file should not exceed 25 A4 pages.

All text should be written in Times New Roman, 12 pt, double spaced and 2.5 cm margins should be left on all sides of the page. The application file should contain the following subheadings:

I. Cover Page: This page should not contain more than 10 words. The names, titles, institutions, correspondence addresses, telephone and e-mail addresses of the applicants and the research experience of each researcher should be summarized briefly.

II. Aim of the project: It should be on a separate page from the cover page and the purpose of the study should be written in a clear statement and it should be stated which deficiencies are intended to be corrected. Assumptions raised before the study should be defined and their relationship with the purpose should be explained.

III. General Information: Previously obtained information on the subject should be summarized and the contribution of the proposed subject to the field should be explained.

IV. Method: The method to be used in the study should be clearly defined. Sample selection, subjects, variables, measurements to be made, statistical analysis should be explained in detail. When making the evaluation, it should be taken into consideration that this section will be examined in detail.

V. Contribution of the project: The benefits of the study and its implications should be briefly explained

VI. Award: It should be stated how the given reward (1500 TL) will be spent. Projects that receive support from other sources will not be considered. Authors should expressly declare that they do not receive such additional support.

VII: Start & End Dates of the Project:  The start and end dates of the project, the main phases and the timeline should be specified.

Jury of Project Award