Paper Preparation Format

The papers will be evaluated as verbal.


It must be uploaded to the congress website.

It should be prepared in English and have a structured summary (including purpose, method, finding, and conclusion) with a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 750 words.

Must contain at least 3 and at most 5 keywords.

Paper Presentations:

Paper presentations can be made in Turkish or English. Presentation time is 15 minutes for each paper.

They are expected to introduce their research to the audience in an effective manner by including purpose, method, finding and result as content. There is no format restriction for presentations and does not need to be shared in advance.

Title and Name of Author (s):

The title(s) and institution information of the author(s) must be entered correctly. The title and institution names will be included in the abstract booklet as it is sent.

Introduction and Purpose of Study:

In the introduction and purpose part of the study, information should be given in a clear way that will enable the reader to form a clear idea about which question or questions the study seeks to answer, which research question or questions it is based on, and why this study is necessary.

Literature Analysis (Conceptual / Theoretical Framework):

In this section, especially studies that are directly related to the subject and purpose of the study should be summarized. In this context, the importance of the study, which gap it will fill and the contributions that will provide should be clearly stated.

Design and Method:

In the method part of the study, the type of the study, its design, model and hypotheses, if any, the sampling process, data collection technique should be clearly stated. It should be stated briefly which quantitative / qualitative analysis are used.

Research Findings and Discussion:

Analysis of data or findings obtained in conceptual studies should be discussed in relation to the conceptual / theoretical framework, and similarities and differences and their reasons should be evaluated.

Conclusion, Recommendations and Constraints:

Depending on the research findings, important issues associated with the conceptual / theoretical framework and thought to contribute to the relevant literature should be included. After mentioning the benefits of the study, recommendations should be written to the practitioner and / or researchers.

Information for Authors:

All oral presentations accepted to the congress and presented by their authors will be announced on the congress website on October 8th, 2023 and the proceedings book will be sent as “PDF” to all participants who make presentations. Deadline for submitting papers is October 2nd, 2023.

All authors in accepted papers must pay the registration fee (3 days) in order to benefit from the associate professorship criteria and to receive a presentation document.

Even if registered, any papers that are not submitted will not be included in the congress summary book. All participants must present their papers. Papers that are not presented will not be included in the abstract book and the author and participants will not be able to make a request on the congress management.

Papers will be presented in “Turkish and English”. Studies should be uploaded to our congress website and awaited to be sent for referee evaluation. According to the result after the referee evaluation process, the participants will present their papers to our congress verbally. Rejected papers will not be included in our congress. Participants and authors cannot make any demands or sanctions on our congress on this issue.

Accepted papers can be sent by their authors to be published in national and international refereed journals announced on our congress website. In this regard, the authority unilaterally belongs to the editors and management of the journal. As the congress organizing committee, we do not have any sanctions for the publication of the papers accepted for presentation in the congress.

In the declarations about “human, animal, environment, etc.” “Ethics Committee and Institutional Permission” must be obtained for studies prepared regarding their studies.

In studies produced from theses, the name of the relevant thesis supervisor must be included as the second author in the study. In studies produced from theses, the consent of the advisor must be obtained and the name of the relevant supervisor must be included in the study.

Papers sent to our congress must not have been presented, rejected or published in another congress.

All participants are responsible and liable for the work they have sent to our congress on the issues described above. In legal and other problems that may arise, all liability unilaterally belongs to the owner of the paper, that is, the author who uploaded the paper. Our congress reserves all legal and other rights against such negativities.

The submission deadline has expired.
Thank you for your participation.

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