Abstract Format

Papers will be evaluated as verbal and poster.


  • should be uploaded to the congress websites
  • should not be less than 200 words but also not exceed 300 words and contains the following information: aim, method, finding, conclusion
  • should include min. 3 and max. 5 keywords

Full Paper;

The full text of the paper should be sent to until the date of the congress (23.08.2020).

The text should be written in 12 pt Times New Roman font and double-spaced. The page number should be added to the top right corner, with the title page as the first page.

It should contains following sections:

  1. Cover page
  2. Title
  3. Abstract and keywords
  4. Main Body
  5. Tables and shapes
  6. References

Each section should be started from the new page. The structure that should be followed as follows:

Cover page:  Includes short title, main title, author and institution information. After the names and surnames of the author (s) are given on a separate line, the institution information of each author should be given under the names. Mutual institutions should be presented in summary form with the number headings (1). The authorised author’s name of the manuscript should be indicated by * under the name information and should be given as “Authorised author e-mail:….”.All this information should be presented with the first letters of the words centered on the page in capital letters.

The title should summarize the main subject of the study. Short title should be less than 50 characters and should be written in capital letters on the upper left corner of each page.

* The Cover Page must be SEPARATED from the Full Text File as a Word file.

  1. Full Text:
  1. The full text Word file should not contain any information about the author. (Author information is provided only in the Cover File, which is separate from the text information).
  2. Abstract and keywords: It should be written after the centered “Abstract“ title without the beginning of the paragraph and should include a comprehensive summary of 150-250 words. Basically, the purpose of the study, if any, the examined variables or relationships, brief information about the participants, followed methods and results should be outlined. Any information not included in the text should not be included in the abstract and excerpts from other sources should not be included. Key words should be added below the abstract, not exceeding five words or phrases.
  3. Main Body: Body should be in a new page with the title. Titles and Sub-Titles may consist of several levels defined by the APA Style.
  4. Tables and Shapes: Each, if any, must be given separately, in accordance with the rules of the tables and figures of APA 6, please ensure that the same numbers are given in the text.
  5. References: At the end of the article (before appendixes), all references should be listed in alphabetical order according to the surnames of the authors. References should be written with 12 pt double spacing.

*For more information about reference, please visit 

*You can reach a sample article in accordance with APA style here.

Poster Presentations;

  • Should be 50×70 cm
  • Should include abstract, introduction, aim, scope, method, findings and conclusion.
  • At the top of all posters under the title, the authors should give their names, surnames and institution information. 

Information for authors;

All abstracts of posters and oral presentations which are submitted and accepted will be announced on the congress website on 30th of September 2020 and will be sent as PDF file to all presenting authors

Full papers can be sent following journals: The International Journal of Human and Behavioral Science (, Child and Development Journal and the Journal of Child and Youth Mental Health ( The papers presented will be considered as priority in the journal. However, the articles submitted for publication are evaluated independently of the congress.

Papers and posters that are not presented will not be included in the congress book of abstracts even if they are registered. All participants must submit their posters and papers. The papers that are not presented will not be included in the abstract book and the author and the participants will not be able to form a request on the congress management. 

Studies should be uploaded to the congress website and waited for submission to the referee evaluation. According to the result of the evaluation process, the participants will present their papers to the congress either oral or as a poster. The rejected papers will not take place in our congress. Participants and authors cannot make any demands or sanctions on our congress.

Accepted papers can be sent for publication in national and international refereed journals announced on the congress website. The authority in this respect belongs to the journal editors and management unilaterally. As the congress regulatory committee, we do not impose any sanctions on the publication of the accepted papers in the journals.

“Ethics Committee and Institution Permit” must be obtained in the studies related with “human, animal, environment, etc.”.

In the studies produced from the theses, the name of the thesis advisor must be included as the second author. In the studies produced from the theses, the approval of the consultant has been obtained and the name of the regarding consultant should be included in the study.

Papers should not be presented, rejected or published in another congress before.

All participants are responsible and liable for the work they send to the congress. In the case of any legal and other problems that may arise, all liability belongs unilaterally to the owner of the declaration, that is to the author who uploaded the declaration. Our Congress reserves all its legal and other rights against such negativities.

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