Bianca Lechevalier

Biancha Lechevalier is a child and adult psychoanalyst affiliated with the Paris Psychoanalytical Institution. She is a former Neuro-psychiatrist at the University of Paris Medical School. She taught Psychopathology courses at Caen University (Normandy). She is the former director of the CMPP (Medical – Psycho – Padiatrics) Clinic of the University of Caen. Since 2004, she has been an International Psychoanalysis Association PSİKE Group analyst. She is also the winner of 2003 F. Austin Memorial Award. She has been treating autistic children since 1965. She is the author of several book chapters and articles in French and English on psychosomatics, autism, dreams and Shoah survivors, as well as 4 book authors: Traitement psychanalytique mère- enfant, 2004; Le Souffle de l’Existence, 2016; Les Contes et la Psychanalyse, 2001; Le corps et le sens, 1968.

Intergenerational transmission of trauma

Traumatic elements of destructiveness devoid of meaning and not elaborated by one generation, can arouse fascination and adhesiveness in the next generation. Thus the vacuum of depression is avoided. The clinical and therapeutic approach of babies, children and adolescents highlights this possible transmission through adhesiveness. A struggle can ensue against the growth process.

The fan of countertransference opposes the mobile gathering of its folds against the fixity of traumatic clinging. I will refer to the thought of F. Tustin.