Z. Deniz Aktan

Dr. Instructor Z. Deniz AKTAN, Clinical Child Psychologist

During his undergraduate education, Aktan, who studied in German Translation and Interpretation and Psychology departments by taking advantage of the double major program offered by his school, completed his undergraduate studies at Okan University. Aktan took part in a student exchange program during his undergraduate education and continued his education at Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in Germany for 1 year. Not only to improve interpretation and language skills, but also social skills, Aktan took part in three different training camps held at Osnabrueck University in Germany during the summer periods. After graduating from Psychology and German Translation and Interpretation departments, Aktan went to England for his specialty training in the field of psychology and completed his specialty training on “Clinical Child Psychology” at Cambridge Anglia Ruskin University. After returning to Turkey, he took the first step on his academic career journey at Okan University Child Development Associate degree program. During his career at Okan University, Aktan gave lectures on child psychology in units such as the Faculty of Health Sciences, Health Services Vocational School, Faculty of Medicine and Institute of Social Sciences, simultaneously he served as the Head of the Associate Degree Child Development Department and the Head of the Child Development Master Program at the Social Sciences Institute. In the same period, he completed his doctorate education in Istanbul University Clinical Health Psychology Doctorate Program with child-adolescent-focused clinical practice and he completed his thesis studies and received the title of Dr. Instructor. Aktan, who started his career at Işık University Child Adolescent-Focused Clinical Psychology Graduate and Doctorate Programs as of August 2018, still continues to work as an instructor in the same program and works as a child and adolescent therapist in various clinics in order to prepare more efficient and practical innovative content for his students. On the other hand, besides his academic studies, he has three books, he wrote one of them, he edited the other, and he participated as a writer of one chapter at one book.