İbrahim Diken

Anatolian University

İbrahim Diken is a professor in the field of special education. He was the head of Anadolu University Special Education Department between 2006-2010. He is currently working as a director at Anadolu University Disabled Research Institute. He also serves as the Head of Special Education Thesis Master Program in Early Childhood at Anadolu University. He has been the chairman of the organizing committee in many international congresses in the fields of Early Childhood Interventions and Special Education and still continues to do so. He is a referee in national and international scientific journals. He won the 2018 Barrier-Free Informatics Education Award and the 2015 Anadolu University Social Sciences Scientist Award. In 1999, he earned a PhD scholarship in the USA by passing the Graduate Education Exam held by the Higher Education Institution. International Association of Early Intervention executive committee member, Turkey Association of Early Childhood Intervention EÇOMD , founder-chairman of the Turkey-ÖZDER Special Educators Association of Early Childhood Education and Dissemination and Support Association