Emre Konuk

Institute of Behavioral Sciences (DBE) Founder President
As agraduate of Istanbul University, Department of Psychology, Konuk received his Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychologyfrom Boğaziçi University Psychology Department. He did her Family Therapy training at the Mental Research Institute, Palo Alto, California. At the same institute, in Brief Therapy Center he worked as a therapist. He founded the DBE (Behavioral Sciences Institute) in 1985, and founded the Institutional Development Center in 1998 in İstanbul.
He served as the President of the Istanbul Branch of the Turkish Psychological Association and served on the Board of Directors. Konuk continues his work as the founder president of the DBE Behavioral Sciences Institute, psychotherapist and management consultant. Inaddition, Konuk is still the Chairman of the Board of EMDR Association and the Vice President of Couple and Family Therapy Association (ÇATED).
His studies are based on the Cognitive Behavioral and Family Therapy Model. EMDR technique and trauma intervention method make an important contribution to Konuk’s studies. As the President of the EMDR Association, he took an active role in providing psychotherapy support to the victims with EMDR Trauma Recovery Group Volunteers in collective traumas such as natural disasters and terrorism in our country in recent years.