Neşe Karabekir

Sabancı University

Nebi Sumer is a professor of psychology at Sabancı University. Dr. Sumer’s research focus is in two main areas: lifelong attachment dynamics and parental behaviors and public transport safety and driver behaviors. computer-based pioneer researchers developed a psycho-technical driver evaluation system in Turkey. He also conducts research on personality assessment, the effects of unemployment, advanced statistics and teaching psychology.
Attachment in Children Growing at Risk
The risks of attachment and other developmental problems, which are observed in children and growing in institutions and disadvantaged communities, will be addressed in the light of recent research findings, and opinions will be shared on the measures that can be taken.

Subject: “What babies feel in delivery?”
Prenatal and perinatal psychology has attracted the attention of the whole world for the last 20 years. The myth that babies feel nothing at birth is gone. In this talk, I will be talking about how babies record at birth, the polyvagal theory at birth, and postpartum mother baby therapy. What is mother baby therapy?
What and how the baby tells in the session with her mother and father? How an infant therapist manage this process? In my speech, where we will find short narratives of all of these, we will also comprehend opening a space to tell babies’ own birth stories.